What is Autism?

Autism is known as a ‘spectrum disorder’, because the severity of symptoms ranges from a mild learning and social disability to a severe impairment, with multiple problems and highly unusual behavior. The disorder may occur alone, or with accompanying problems such as mental retardation or seizures.

Some autistic children do not ever develop speech, while others may develop speech but still have difficulty using language to communicate. Often, there is an unusual speech pattern, such as echoing whatever is said to them, repeating a word over and over, reversing “you” and “I” when asking for something and speaking only to express needs, rather than emotions.

A child with autism looks just like any other child, but has distinctive behavior patterns. A child who is autistic may enjoy rocking or spinning either himself or other objects, and may be happy to repeat the same activity for a long period of time. At other times, the child may move very quickly from one activity to another, and may appear to be hyperactive. Many autistic children have sensitivity to certain sounds or touch, and at other times, may appear not to hear anything at all. Autistic children may have very limited pretend play; they may not play appropriately with toys or may prefer to play with objects which are not toys. Autistic children may be able to do some things, like sing songs or recite rhymes very well, but may not be able to do things requiring social skills very well.


Chinese Master – Founder of Autism Treatment Center (The Tole Medical Center) Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Chinese Master (The Fourth Generation) comes from a long line of family Chinese medical practitioners. Fourth Generations, more than 140 years in practice in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, his family passes on to Chinese Master all the family’s discipline of studies. Groomed by his father and uncle from an early age, he is considered by many to be gifted in this field.

He started practicing acupuncture technique and herbal medicine from 1984 and work at his father’s shop. 1992, he start his own business. He started his acupuncture center and he also started acupuncture courses online. The student comes all around the world.

In 1997, Acupuncture Institute Association, a subsidiary of Beijing International Acupuncture Association awarded Chinese Master Honorable Merit Award for acupuncture skills. Chinese Master is the first South-East Asia Acupuncturist who gets this award.

Chinese Master is very well known in worldwide. His patient comes from Japan, Korea, Australia, America, Bangladesh, Singapore and China.

Chinese Master provides methods of treatment herbal and acupuncture to treat autism. This methods of treatment is age-old are used to various treatment of disease. Many people had certified advantages of using these methods of treatment. Majority design has tried this method satisfied with positive development in whose see in young who already have autism. Therefore, no loss use methods of treatment this is because it’s being secured safe in using medicament herbal and neuron acupuncture.

Each Autism kid is not the same, different in a few or more conditions and also recovery condition, also level and rate of recovery. So come to see Chinese Master early at autism center in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia herbal and acupuncture to get recovery in autism disease.


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